Cross-browser fingerprinting test 2.0

A partial 'fingerprint' will suffice...

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Try the test in different browsers and see if you get the same results!
  • After starting the test, if the status bar stops for several minutes, send us a bug report, please!
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  • During the test, if you allow, we set an evercookie in your browser. If you want to remove it, click on the button below.
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What is a fingerprint, and why is this experiment needed?

While we browse the web, most web pages have an interest in observing our behaviour in order to achieve certain business benefits. Read more »

How may I contribute to the success of the experiment?

The easiest way is to participate in the experiment, which means creating your system fingerprint in multiple browsers; this allows us to analyse and compare fingerprints. Read more »

How may I protect myself?

It is currently impossible to directly eliminate this vulnerability. However, there are multiple ways to make tracking more difficult: Read more »

For advanced users

If you consider yourself an advanced user, you can contribute a great deal to our research by running the test using special settings (besides providing a user name). Such special environments in our interest include: Read more »

Collected data and privacy

In connection to our experiment, we examine and store the following information:
  • the encrypted IP address,
  • name of the operating system,
  • screen resolution,
  • time zone settings,
  • fonts installed on your computer,
  • the string with information about the browser (i.e. the User Agent String),
  • the time and date of the test,
  • plugins installed on your browser,
  • list of accepted MIME types,
  • the navigator object hashed, values of navigator.doNotTrack and navigator.buildID,
  • and the generated identifier.
All collected information is treated confidentially, and is never released to a third party. The sole purpose of collecting the data is to allow us to test the uniqueness of the generated identifiers, and to see if this passive tracking technique really is useful.
You may read more about our privacy policy here.